This page features Wimpod and Golisopod items made by independent artists, or other third parties.

Wimpod Pouch

Artist: aStitchedCat

Purchased From: Etsy

The first custom I ever purchased for Wimpod. The art is so adorable! I used it to keep the packaging for other Wimpod & Golisopod items.

Wimpod in a Bottle Keychain

Artist: Mamath

Purchased From: Etsy

I loved this art when I first saw it posted on Tumblr, and was sure to purchase this keychain right away when I noticed it for sale. I wonder what he's thinking about in there...

Wimpod & Golisopod Keychain

Artist: Ryuu Daiga

Purchased From: Etsy

This keychain was way bigger than I expected, and that's a good thing! I missed the original Kickstarter campaign for this and the other Bug-type merch the artist created, so I'm really glad there were extras for sale.

Click here to see the Shiny forms on the back.

Golisopod Keychain

Artist: IonicIsaac / MonsterNeverSleeps

Purchased From: Etsy

This keychain took a while to arrive after I purchased it, but it was definitely worth it. The art is so vibrant and definitely stands out in my collection.

Click here to see the Shiny form on the back.

Bootleg Wimpod Card

Artist: ???

Purchased From: Ebay

Here's something a bit odd: a knockoff Wimpod card. It's from Peru according to the seller and looks quite different from the official TCG despite being advertised as such. It has gold foil around the art, which is pretty nice.

The artwork is obviously fanart, and I've tried to find the original artist so I can link them here, but to no avail. If you know who originally drew this (or are that person) please let me know so I can give proper credit!