Wimpod and Golisopod have recieved quite a few cards over the years. I only currently collect cards in English and Japanese as they're printed in way too many languages to go for completion, but I might start someday if I can find more information on them.

Wimpod 8/145 & Golisopod 9/145

Set: Guardians Rising (ENG)

The first cards released for Wimpod and Golisopod in English. If I remember correctly they saw a decent amount of competitive play, though not as much as their Burning Shadows counterparts.

Wimpod 8/145 (Holo)

Set: Guardians Rising (ENG)

You could get this card in a box set themed around Team Skull. This card represented Guzma, and the box also included a similar Salandit promo to represent Plumeria.

Wimpod 006/050 & Golisopod 007/050

Set: Islands Await You SM2K (JPN)

The first Wimpod and Golisopod cards printed in the Japanese card sets. The Wimpod recieved a reprint for the Tapu Bulu-GX Enhanced Starter Set .

Golisopod Promo Cards

Set: Sun & Moon Promos

The first Golisopod card to be given as a promo. The English version could be obtained in a special product that included one booster pack, while the Japanese version was given away for free when buying an Islands Await You booster box.

Wimpod 16/147

Set: Burning Shadows (ENG)

The Wimpod card that has been reprinted the most so far in English. In addition to the standard & reverse holo versions, they were also reprinted with the Golisodor and Samurai Sniper World Championships theme decks.

Wimpod 006/051

Set: Darkness that Consumes Light SM3N (JPN)

The Japanese equivalent to the Wimpod above. It was later reprinted for GX Ultra Shiny, along with a reverse holo version.

Click here for a better view of the holo.

Golisopod GX 17/147

Set: Burning Shadows (ENG)

Golisopod's first (and only) GX card, and probably the strongest card he's ever recieved so far. I've pulled him multiple times and still get excited every time!

In addition to the standard print, there were also reprints in the Golisodor and Samurai Sniper World Championships decks, and another included with the Team Skull box that featured new art.

Golisopod GX 007/051

Set: Darkness that Consumes Light SM3N (JPN)

The Japanese equivalent to the above Golisopod. It was later reprinted for GX Ultra Shiny with the alternate art from the Team Skull box. Interestingly, this version of the card was first available in English and was later printed in Japanese, rather than the other way around as per usual.

Golisopod GX Full Art

Set: Burning Shadows (ENG) / Darkness that Consumes Light SM3N (JPN)

This card is very pretty and the colors used match Golisopod well. I only wish that the cards in the Sun & Moon era had better quality control, as the edges on GX and Full Art cards tend to be a little miscut.

Golisopod GX Secret Rainbow Rare

Set: Burning Shadows (ENG) / Darkness that Consumes Light SM3N (JPN)

These cards are GORGEOUS in real life and pretty difficult to get a good picture of. This seems to be the case with most modern full arts and secret rares, due to them having a rougher texture printed into the card that reflects light in multiple directions.

Wimpod 50/236 & Golisopod 51/236

Set: Unified Minds (ENG)

These were the first cards Wimpod and Golisopod had recieved in almost two years since Burning Shadows. This is some of my favorite art of them, it's so cool!

Fun fact: in 2019 I replied to a Twitter post asking what your favorite card released that year was, saying that I loved this Wimpod the most. The account then tagged the original artist of that card on my reply, so they most likely saw it....it was a little surprising, to say the least.

Golisopod 51/236 (Cosmos Holo)

Set: Unified Minds (ENG)

Golisopod recieved a Cosmos Holo promo in the beginning of the Sword & Shield era. It was packaged with a standard Wimpod from the same set, as well as one Sword & Shield booster pack. Type: Null and Silvally got the same treatment as well, though I never ended up picking those up.

Wimpod 020/094 & Golisopod 021/094

Set: Miracle Twin SM11 (JPN)

The Japanese prints of Unified Minds' Wimpod and Golisopod cards. I really prefer the silver borders on these cards; I wish the English version of the TCG didn't insist on using the bright yellow borders on every card.

Shiny Wimpod Cards

Set: Hidden Fates (ENG) & GX Ultra Shiny SM8b (JPN)

Both the English and Japanese sets this card was included in had subsets featuring Shiny reprints of many cards from the Sun & Moon era. Wimpod looks a lot more aggressive than usual here; I wonder what he's angry about!

Shiny Golisopod GX Full Art

Set: Hidden Fates (ENG) & GX Ultra Shiny SM8b (JPN)

Aside from the colors and background, these cards are identical to the Burning Shadows Golisopod full arts. I also have a PSA 10 graded English version, but it's currently kept in a safe as I'm not really sure how to display it without worrying about damaging it somehow.

Wimpod 017/189 & Golisopod 018/189

Set: Darkness Ablaze (ENG)

Currently, these are the most recent cards of Wimpod and Golisopod to be released. The Sword & Shield era seems to be almost over, and these are the only cards of them we've had that whole time.... Hopefully that changes with Scarlet & Violet.

Wimpod 009/070 & Golisopod 010/070

Set: Explosive Walker (JPN)

The Japanese prints of the Darkness Ablaze cards. They were later reprinted in Shiny Star V, and Wimpod got a reverse holo here as well.

Click here for a better view of the reverse holo.

Wimpod 025/078 & Golisopod 026/078

Set: Pokémon GO (ENG)

The first Wimpod and Golisopod cards to be released in two years! They were not only featured in the TCG set, but were used to promote the TCG in Pokémon GO itself! This has truly been the Summer of Wimpod...

Wimpod 025/071 & Golisopod 026/071

Set: Strength Expansion Pack: Pokémon GO S10b (JPN)

The Japanese versions of the cards seen above. This time, they didn't get any special variants. A bit of a shame, but I'm not gonna complain since we at least got new Wimpod & Golisopod cards at all.

Code Cards

Set: Multiple (ENG)

These code cards are used to play the online Pokémon TCG game, and come with every TCG related product. These are the ones that were included with Golisopod-themed products. The codes have been censored to prevent them from being used to scam anyone.