As of right now, all of Alolan Marowak's plush and figures have been from the Sun & Moon era. A bit disappointing, but it at least makes my job easier.

Alolan Marowak Pokécen Plush

Manufacturer: Pokémon Center (Japan)

Product Line: Pokécen Plush

Release Date: December 23 2016

Purchased From: eBay

One of the first pieces of Alolan Marowak merchandise to hit store shelves. Fun fact: the person I bought this from also sent me a printed photo of themself with Star Wars characters. I still have it somewhere.

Alolan Marowak Pokécen Plush Keychain

Manufacturer: Pokémon Center (Japan)

Product Line: Pokécen Plush

Release Date: July 15 2017

Purchased From: Mercari Japan

A smaller keychain version of the Pokécen plush seen above. They're a bit more awkward looking than their bigger sibling, but that makes them much cuter to me.

Alolan Marowak Banpresto Plush

Manufacturer: Banpresto (Japan)

Product Line: N/A

Release Date: May 25 2017

Purchased From: Mercari USA

You could win this and a few other Sun & Moon plush in crane games across Japan. Why do other countries always get cooler stuff in their crane games than we do in America?

Alolan Marowak Tomy USA Figure

Manufacturer: Tomy (USA)

Product Line: Pokémon Action Pose Figures

Release Date: February 2018

Purchased From: Gamestop

This figure was surprisingly hard to find back when it came out, even when compared to more popular mons that also got figures then like Lycanroc. They go for quite a bit nowadays from what I've seen.

Alolan Marowak Moncolle Get Figures

Manufacturer: Takara Tomy (Japan)

Product Line: Moncolle Get Vol.7 Nankoku no Koyuushu

Release Date: April 22 2017

Purchased From: Mercari Japan

These little figures were part of the Moncolle Get line, which aimed to provide higher-quality trading figures at an affordable price. They have QR codes on the bottom that can be scanned into your Gen 7 games for rewards. The one on the left is the standard version, while the one on the right is the secret Z-Move version.

Alolan Marowak Kid Figure

Manufacturer: Bandai (Japan)

Product Line: Pokémon Kids Sun & Moon Ultra Guardians Shutsudou! Hen

Release Date: April 24 2018

Purchased From: Mercari USA

This came from a Kid figure set mainly focusing on Ultra Beasts. Mine doesn't have a perfect paint job, but it's not the end of the world.

Alolan Marowak Light-Up Figure

Manufacturer: ??? (Japan)

Product Line: ???

Release Date: ???

Purchased From: Mercari Japan

Another object I need to do more research on. If you fip a switch on the bottom, the flames glow a bit! Too bad it's red and not the correct blue, but it seems to be that way with all the figures in the set.

Click here to see what it looks like with the lights on.

Alolan Marowak Choco Egg Figure

Manufacturer: Furuta (Japan)

Product Line: Choco Egg Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 2

Release Date: February 18 2019

Purchased From: Discord

This was one of quite a few figures you could get from chocolate eggs, all featuring Sun & Moon 'mons. One of the smallest Alolan Marowak figures.