Not many keychains and pins of Alolan Marowak have been released as of right now. I doubt that's really ever gonna change, but you never know.

Cubone Halloween 2017 Rubber Strap

Manufacturer: Pokémon Center (Japan)

Product Line: Pokémon Halloween Time

Release Date: September 2 2017

Purchased From: Mercari Japan

This features Cubone wearing a jacket that looks similar to the markings of Alolan Marowak. Very cute! I wish that this art was used for more Halloween products that year.

Alolan Marowak Figure Strap

Manufacturer: Takara Tomy A.R.T.S (Japan)

Product Line: Pokémon Netsuke Mascot Sun & Moon 2

Release Date: December 2017

Purchased From: Mercari Japan

Stock photos of this show the cord as red, but mine has a blue one instead. I'm not sure if that means mine is just a different variant or the stock photo is wrong.

Alolan Marowak Pokémon Center Pin

Manufacturer: The Pokémon Company International (USA)

Product Line: Pokémon Center Pins

Release Date: May 2017

Purchased From: Worlds 2017

I really like these pins in general, they feel very high quality and aren't as shiny as the TCG pins. This one came bundled with an Alolan Raichu pin, which I have since sold.

Alolan Marowak Better Together Pin

Manufacturer: The Pokémon Company International (USA)

Product Line: Better Together Pokémon Pins

Release Date: March 6 2018

Purchased From: Worlds 2018

This came with a matching Kantonian Marowak pin. I don't display it with the Alolan Marowaks, but I still have it.